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Of Bok Choy and My Bible

Lettuce I can do.
Broccoli I can do.
Kale I can do. (more please?!)
Kohlrabi I do. Radishes, turnips, parsnips, parsley, and fresh asparagus.
Yep. Do, do, do.
Like, all.

And I like liking everything. (everything good.)

You cannot imagine my horror when I woke up one day and found out there was one I couldn’t do…

.  .  .  .  .

My screen comes to life with a swipe.
My thumb dances, my eyes dance. My feet dance all the way up the stairs where I almost blunder into Natasha in the kitchen. I tap the icon with the little red “10” on its corner. Off in my own little world…
But not really…

No, actually, not at all.
I share this world.
I share it with who-knows-how-many other people. 100? 120?
And it’s not the facebook app, (don’t have that one, actually) and it’s not the G+ app, and it’s not the mail app, and its not Messages.

It’s ScriptureTyper.
Typing scripture makes my eyes dance. And I wander round and round the kitchen island dodging Tasha and a huge bowl of hummus, and the wheat thins leftover from recital night, and the rest of the lunch fixings.
And I pound the table with my fist, and she enters right in, and we laugh together…

“You know what I LOVE???”
“I absolutely love the Ethiopian! Here’s the guy, sitting in his chariot, puzzling over Isaiah.”
“And Philip arrives from nowhere, and expounds,”
“And he’s like: ‘See,

“‘…here is water! What doth hinder me to be baptized?'”
(She listens to the same bible I do, so our intonation comes out perfect in unison.)

What a concept. What a beautiful, fresh perspective…
“Yeah… And Philip…”
“Yes! and then they come out of the water and, poof!”
“‘And he went on his way rejoicing…'”

Ha! I would have to….
I would have too. 

I’ll be honest, even at the start of this thing I never dreamed that memorizing could be this much fun.
Now, I’ve given up guessing. I’m just rejoicing.

Some of you were on to ScriptureTyper right from the start, before I’d ever heard of it. Well, I’ve heard of it now. And it’s a fixture… I’m totally hooked. Hooked most of all because those that have joined our group in the last week can be just as much a part as those who joined months ago… And we can push ourselves, and encourage each other, and pray for each other… 1,385 prayers and counting.
Even if we’re not (and we’re not! :)) all at the same spot…
And then there are the other emails I get… The other blogposts I read…

And friends from Young Disciple who have developed a full set of first-letter bookmarks for the entire book of Acts, (for download or purchase) so you can take your chapter anywhere… (click here.)

God is building something far beyond our dreams. He’s putting in His children an insatiable appetite for His Word

Oh, you don’t have time?
No, actually, you do. Perhaps you don’t have an appetite.
But that can change. I promise…

.  .  .  .  .
Remember my horror when I found the greens I couldn’t do? (Apologies to my Asian friends.) 
Bok Choy and I don’t agree… There’s a violent (and I do mean violent) chemical reaction when I put it in my mouth.
But you know, I’m not giving up hope yet. After all, the people who grew up on the stuff. . .
Wait a minute.
You chose what you’ll grow up on.
Go delete all the games off of your phone and computer,
and then go get ScriptureTyper. 

A Heart for This Word

I’ve never had so much fun memorizing.

At dawn’s first light, over sink full of dishes, all breathless on the treadmill…
We’re hooked.
Oh, we’re feeling our limitations too… but there’s no turning back.

But really, it’s not five verses a day we’re hooked on. Or three.
It’s the constant preoccupation with the Word.
Truth be told, we’re all over the place. Some are straining their limits to the breaking point, and are still a bit behind. Likely some of you are too. I’ve just got one word for you:

Whatever you do, don’t stop.

In this quest, there is only one reason for regret:
Losing a golden opportunity to grow.

In the end the most blessed will be the ones who could barely manage 2 verses a day at the start, but who stuck with it anyway. Why, I personally know a girl whose mind became so thirsty for the Word (through relentless memorization) that she could finally nail down a chapter a day.

Try God.

If this were really about counting verses like dollars in the bank, we should never have started.
We need more than minds full of the Word.
Let this be a heart project.

Then we’re all winners.

P.s. I’ve promised the audio of the book of Acts to whoever needed it– Now easier than ever. Right click this link and click “download linked file” or “save link as.” You get the whole thing. 🙂

I Can’t!

To the contrary,
yes you can.
I know you can.

Did you expect to get this without trying really hard? (this, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.)
We don’t come by anything valuable without effort.

But we’ve learned a thing or two that makes it a bit easier… You probably have too, and I’d love to hear about it. (We’re here to help each other, right?) So here are a few things that help me tremendously. (translation, habits without which it becomes impossible for me to memorize more than a phrase or two.)

1. Don’t panic.
If you’re working on verse 5 or 6, you’re fine! The schedule is a guide. And some people will find it more effective to memorize tortoise style, rather than hare style (no, not hair.) with a bunch of review. 

2. Engage multiple senses
Hear, see, speak out loud. Hear, see, speak out loud. Speak, hear, read. Hear your own speaking, while reading. Hear someone else reading, while speaking. The more different ways, the more neuropathways. The more pathways, the better.

3. Engage multiple systems
Think, speak, move! Muscle memory is sometimes easier to come by than abstract memory. I attach hand motions to abstract concepts to make them concrete. Then the gesture can actually remind you of the word… So, for words like “former…before…after…many days hence” I picture time as moving from left to right, and gesture accordingly. Other words like “seen…speaking,” “spoken…beheld…looked,” “taken up, and a cloud received him out of their sight.” are even easier. Invent your own sign language. 🙂 Just move your hands.
Lists, same thing. Jerusalem is always on my left, Judea next, (all Judea– gesture the “all” too) Samaria off to the right a bit, and the uttermost part of the earth is… far flung. 🙂
Oh, and one more thing: Don’t sit down. Seriously.

3. I repeat: Listen.
Can’t stress this enough. The Bible we listen to is free. So free, in fact, if any of you have not already procured it, I will email the first 3 chapters to you right this minute. Seriously. [then the next three, then the next three] Please(!!!) drop me an email… [seannebblett[at]gmail.com]
Even if you’re not an auditory learner, I promise you everything you hear (and everything you will ever hear) is stored in your brain forever. If you’ve listened to a chapter 20 times before it’s time to memorize it, you’ll find most of it recognizable. (Translation, start listening to Acts 2 a couple times a day. by the time you get there you’ll be glad you did.)

As a bonus, the mind is particularly adept at capturing conversations through the ear… And Acts is full of conversations. Have you noticed it’s easier to remember what the characters are actually saying that what is said about them?

4. Memorize out loud. (This is why it’s handy to have more than one person doing it in your house. :))

Ok. What have I missed?

p.s. If any of you are still having trouble with the calendar, revisit the original post and use the links I added specifically for Google Calendar.