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A Light and a Song.

A friend’s blogpost just reminded me–
My life is to be “a praise and a glory.” (COL 288.2)
Or as I like to think of it, a light and a song.
I love that word picture… 
But this morning as I was devouring Ephesians, it got even more beautiful. 
1:12 tells me that we who trust in Christ are not to be just any praise and any glory… 
We exist to be the praise of His glory…

So make that: 
My broken little life–
His light. His song…
Now I really love that word picture.

Mine Eyes Have Seen…

Isaiah 6
“Mine eyes have seen the King…”
Dreadful, exultant, awesome phrase. 
But the young prince is afraid. It is after all, a dreadful, exultant, and awesome scene that has opened before him. 
Pictures this: (seriously, try.)
The Almighty God seated high on His throne; the Seraphs (literally: “Burning things”) hovering over Him while they shield their own faces; the entire temple, the massive, glorious palace of the Infinite God, trembling to its foundations at the voice of His announcer; the whole glorious place filled with white smoke because the very air must praise Him… And the entire scene wrapped, and filled, and bursting with a soundtrack like you’ve never heard…
But Isaiah didn’t die. Even though he thought he would…
Because those who submit to the work of grace in their lives have another option. 

That’s the one I want…

Triumphant Tale

If you want to read a triumphant tale, read Isaiah 29.
It starts out pretty depressing… Woe to David’s city, woe to it’s inhabitants!
Workers of iniquity, blind eyes, thirsting lips, empty souls…
Her enemies, many. Her walls, rubble.
Her prophets, deaf and dumb… Their prophecies, null.
Heads spinning, feet staggering, and hearts far away…
But then comes verse 17.
And it’s as if the prophet lifts his eyes from the here and now, and sees the gleams of a golden morning.
The deaf will hear, the blind will see…
And the darkness? Gone… gone!
Oh, dear child of the Highest… Lift up your eyes.
Behold the morning!
There’s always one coming, you know. It matters not how dark and cold the night. No night has ever been so dark that morning could not come. And no morning has ever been delayed even a second past its appointed time.
We just need to see through darkness.
And want more good news?
The night is always followed by the morning… But the morning will not always be followed by night.
Light will win in the end…

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