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Walk on Water

I just want to walk on water…
Is that so much to ask?

Just to put my feet where He tells me, (even if it seems like is thin air) and then keep my eyes on His face, and march.

Boisterous waves notwithstanding.

It is the trusting and obedient that go impossible places and accomplish impossible things.

Not because they can. 
Because He will.

Thank You

God has been faithful. Once again His grace has proven to be all we need…
And He has taught us to sing a deeper song of thanks through the last week.
So to all those who have prayed for, encouraged and supported us through this venture… A hundred times Thank You.

The real work has only now begun… And just hours after the last track was bounced out to rough mix 1.0 (to signal the beginning of listening, editing, tuning, re-mixing, tweaking, re-listening, re-listening, re-listening and re-listening,) half of my office/studio got packed in boxes for a two week jaunt to Oklahoma (where I am cumbersomely typing this post.)
So, the "behind the scenes" clips will be a bit delayed until I can access real internet. 🙂 But I will post them, notwithstanding rough audio…..

Whatever is worthy is God's gift.
Thanks to you…

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Freedom… [of leaps and landings]

“You like flying through the air like that?”

That’s my dad. A calm, cool, collected guy, a brilliant physician, logical thinker, loving father, world-class leader, and my hero.

But he wasn’t sure about this.

“Oh,” said I, “That’s ultimate freedom…”

He just squinted his eyes and shook his head and laughed. I love that look…

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  


Huge word. But I’ve never been much of a fan. 

I take after my father, actually. At least when it comes to the “three C’s.” And especially the last one– collected.

I mean, abandon sounds way too much like out of control to me.


Hold that thought.

My Master has asked me to trust Him.
And to abandon my life to His grace…

“Alllllrighty then.”

And I’ve found out there’s something that people who tenaciously cling to their own lives and their own crutches will never understand.

And that something is freedom.

Too many people are afraid to live with abandon.
(Mind you, there are plenty of people who do. Care-less and careless people. Not what I’m talking about.)

I mean abandoning myself.

Perhaps we worry too much about ourselves. About our footing.

Perhaps it’s time we started worrying more about Him, (and His glory) and letting Him worry about us.

After all, if He groomed the jump, and sent you speeding toward it, He’ll make Himself responsible for the landing. 

In the mean time, enjoy the flight…

Skiing from Sean Nebblett on Vimeo.

Quote of the Day

From adult Sabbath School this morning: 

“We are on this earth for a purpose.
And that purpose is God.”

I want to go Home…

Even on the happiest of days (yesterday included) there is a sense I cannot shake off. A part of my heart always throbs for the hurting world… A part of my life is always in tears for friends who are dying self-inflicted spiritual deaths. A part of my soul is always praying, pleading for the morning…

I hate the powers of darkness.
I loathe the forces of evil that push beautiful faces into the mud over and over again until they suffocate.

A part of me cannot, will not be happy until we are all safe at Home at last…

Last night was no exception. After a day loaded with blessings, I dropped in bed to claw through a block wall with my fingernails. And then I read a friend’s blogpost.

Go read it. I couldn’t write it nearly as well.

Happy Birthday, Lofty Studios!

Lofty Studios celebrates 1 year of operations this month, with a continued goal of “Preserving a Legacy, Lest We Forget

The year has been fun, and every production adds a new dimension of some sort… (I won’t bother to post the version of this logo that appeared on the first production many months ago) Starting the year proudly with Adobe Premiere Elements (giggles) and ending the year with Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition and After Effects all a buz, and another production well on its way…

God always keeps His promises… We have nothing to fear, except as we forget how He has led us in the past…

Then let everything that comes across this desk, and bears this stamp make others think more highly of You, the God Whose life and love and character all defy expression, in the coming year, and every year…
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