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Bios are awkward.

I just said it like it is, didn’t I? 

I think here is where I’m supposed to tell you how much I like 170 year old books printed with ancient germanic font that’s impossible to read. Except, that I do try to read them. And that my favorite color is sunset, and that I love pumpkin spice. But honestly, I don’t know that any of that is particularly relevant. . .

But since you obviously clicked a button to get to this page, I suppose you must be curious about something.

So I’ll tell you something. Not about the stuff I like, but the hope I cling to. . . the song my heart is constantly finding the next note for.

Mostly, I’m a stubborn believer. The rest is of little consequence.

Mostly, I’m ruthlessly, passionately, doggedly determined to find the fingerprints of Love where the world least expects them to be. And I’m pretty distracted with trying to expedite our exit from this doomed sphere.

Mostly, I’ve drawn my sword and it’s burst into flame, so now I can’t put it back where it came from.

You’ll hear my heartbeat if you stick around here for long. . . a burning, throbbing longing for God’s best to be seen and known and lived by His kids down here. Starting with yours truly.

Oh, and I love kindred spirits.

Maybe I’ve found another one in you?

Seán Nebblett

//  Fighter, Brother, Friend, M.Div

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  1. Bios truly are awkward, yes. But beyond that, they help another to know if they have in fact found a ‘kindred spirit’ in another or if they need to keep on looking.

    One needn’t be alike in age, gender, location to find another that feels similarly. I too, long for knowing Jesus and sharing Him with others. Blessings!

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