So. . . then what?

I flip the page, then flop over onto my back, and stare at the ceiling in the soft glow of icicle light.

He was single-minded, focused, benevolent, visionary, humble and unassuming. . .

In short, he was a great man. A great leader. A great worker.

So broad though. . . Too broad, no?

Then slowly, this thought. . .

No, maybe that’s not too broad at all. 

A man can spend his life trying to hone some skill, so he can do more.

But perhaps after a point, the only way to pursue greatness is to be more. 

Or maybe that’s actually true from the start.

I stop to listen a minute. A long minute.

My boy, that makes you a better worker, a better leader, a better “doer,” which makes you a better child of mine.

Humility? Check. 

Fervency? Check. 

Sincerity? Integrity? Loyalty? Simplicity? 


So. . . maybe “childhood” should be our obsession?

I was on the phone with Sweet Honey the other morning, and in the course of our conversation it came to us how different fighting for the right is, than fighting for. . . anything else. If what makes me a better child of His makes me a better leader, worker, student. . . then who wouldn’t go for that? Especially when what makes one a better child is resting one’s head on one’s Father’s knee, and just letting him run fingers through our hair.

I mean, He could demand anything. But no, He says “just stick close enough to stay under the shadow of My wings.” 

Because our primary weapon in spiritual warfare (or any warfare) is simply covenant companionship. 

Be near Him, and stay there, and you become a force to be contended with. (Have we just come full circle?)

This is how we learn to fight well?

It almost seems silly to call it “fighting.” Even if there is a sword in our hands. It’s not like any other kind of fighting, at any rate. I mean, I suppose you could legitimately counsel me to “fight” for my marriage starting June 12th. How though? Oh, cuddles, and kisses, and kind words. That’s how. That’s how we “fight” for a relationship. . .

With You too, though, Lord Glorious? 

I don’t see why not.

I’ll take it.

Lord, grant it.