Today’s prevalent interpretation of that term lands us on a set of actions. To be noble is to be gentle, honorable, worthy, generous, sacrificing… It’s about character. And indeed, a noble person is loved, esteemed and respected because they are few and far between… Everyone wants to claim them as a friend.

I read this morning that “The highest evidence of nobility in the Christian is self-control.”
“Self control??” Yeah… I’ve read it before. Perhaps you have too.

But wait, there’s that other meaning of nobility… Not the description of actions, but the state of being. Recall our word comes from an old French one, which in turn came from a Latin one meaning “highborn”. We’re not just talking about what you do, but who you are.

So is self-control is the highest evidence of our kinship with the King? An attestation of royalty?

That’s what I read…