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Proven Supremacy [Off the Scribbled Page]

Do you know what I learned this morning?…
I’ve learned we can’t leave room for even the smallest infidelity. That to resist accountability in one department means failure to thrive in all others. That the slightest neglect to commit leaves a hole that apostasy will be only too glad to fill.

We can afford no such luxury. (No such villainy.)

Here’s what I learned…

The supremacy of God is manifested to the world by the fidelity of His friends.*

So it was when it appeared God Himself had been made a servant to Babylon. For wasn’t almost every holy thing from His house now beautifying a pagan temple?

No, actually not. Because the most beautiful things from God’s house were the hearts that served Him there.
And some of those hearts stayed true. Even in Babylon.

My God, show Thyself strong in a pagan land, before a pagan people, through the faithfulness of Thy friends…

*See PK Chap 39: In the Court of Babylon

Word of the Day

I walked out of church with one line burning in my consciousness.
Of course there was a more elaborate contextual framework than I here have space to write. You just get it raw…

“The [early] church decided to compromise and accommodate.

The result was the dark ages.”

High price to pay.

Vanquished Empire

Isaiah 21

Their defenses were impregnable… Or at least, they thought so.
After all, no army, no siege, and no machine of war had yet brought the empire to it’s knees. Tonight they set a watchman to satisfy protocol, and then the party started.
But that very night their souls were required of them…
And it is not because the watchman was asleep. It is because he was facing the wrong direction.
It was not the unnumbered force without that vanquished them, it was a little glass of champagne within.
A goblet destroyed the empire.

Then Lord Jesus, let the watchman on the wall of my heart watch first for what weakens from within, and then for what threatens from without.