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Irresistible Road

All the way down row 12 on an MD90 homeward bound, laps are filled with open Bibles– still, at 11:00 am.

We are totally sold on this Gospel of the Kingdom. Totally sold.
This ship sails, and clouds slip silently beneath us, the only indication that miles pass quickly by.
We sail with a plane load of strangers all going to the same place, but for totally different reasons…
Our hearts remember cold so cold the lungs reject your first breath when stepping out the door. We remember handshakes long, embraces warm, faces eager, Bibles open, questions cards, brunch lines, and hearts softened by the Spirit…
Including our own.
Our hearts, our prayers soar, and the world gets strangely distant below us… behind us. A glance earthward reminds me time is slipping quickly by. 
We leave a gym full of friends going to the same place, for the same reason: 
This world is not our home.
This road is beautiful in solitude, irresistible in company.
So glad we can travel it with friends…

Too Good to Be True?

The word is invigorated. 
Or as my beautiful little sister put it on the way back to Boston Logan after a full weekend–
“You always end with the upper hand if you’re on the right team….”
The God we serve defies the bounds of human logic. I decided that afresh while kneeling once again by the little pile of rocks where I begged for words last week. This time, laughing and crying at once–
“My Jesus! You’re too good to be…to be… 

No… Too good not to be True.”

Surrender to Conquer was the theme of the Northeast Youth Retreat this year… 
And the paradox has been driven home for me. 
Jesus, keep us faithful…

Photos: Elwyn Garaza & Joshua Nebblett

With My Whole Heart…

“The faces of men and women who walk and work with God express the peace of heaven.
They are surrounded with the atmosphere of heaven.
For these souls, the kingdom of God has begun.
They have Christ’s joy, the joy of being a blessing to humanity.”
Just one more reason…
One more reason to give my whole heart.

Here’s to all my friends from the Northeast Youth Retreat–
Your hearts and lives are forever bound with my prayers. My heart is with you, because your victory, your success, your confidence and your happiness, are my treasures.
And where one’s treasure is, there one’s heart is also.
Let’s pray for each other on the 17th.