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Terrible, or Glorious?

Isaiah 24

It all depends. 

It is called a “terrible day” for a very good reason. But just wait for the dust to settle… The earth may be reeling and shaking, but a few hearts are yet firm. For them, this day is glorious… 
They have no cause for fear. After all, the Power that splits the earth in two around them (v.19) and burns the very firmament is no stranger to them… It’s the same power that keeps them from falling.
And the Light that blinds and burns everything that is unholy and untrue, (even now, under their feet) is no stranger either. It’s the very same light that has illuminated the path of the just since… forever.
Yes, it is only the strangers that fear. The firm hearts are ready to rejoice in the purity of Heaven, because Heaven in all it’s purity is in their hearts. 
Sweet Jesus– Would the song of my life be in harmony with Heaven’s anthem if I were there today? 
Or would I be a discordant note?   
“Tune my heart to sing Your praise…”

Human Solutions…

Isaiah 20

This life is full of mountains to climb… Mountains which are supposed to make you braver, taller, stronger.

Now the path of the Just goes straight up and over. And if you climb that way very long you will certainly encounter other pilgrims with bleeding feet and throbbing hearts… But they are making progress.

Alternatively, you can follow the nicely laminated road map published by your enemies… Or sell your liberty for a gondola or subway ticket.

But before you do that, read Isaiah 20.
I read it this morning, and found out that the best of human solutions always come to the same end–

Uttermost Shame

No more fretting.

Isaiah 13
Victory is promised…
In fact, the more haughty and seemingly invincible the enemy, the more thorough it’s destruction in the end.
Every power under heaven is ultimately subordinate to His master plan…
Uuuhh, why was I fretting??

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Who’s Talking?

Isaiah 7
The promises in the Word are oft contradicted by apparent reality; oft challenged by the words and works of earthly men and mandates. 
And sometimes our doom seems so certain, our hearts quake like trees in the wind… After all, these threats of our enemies are certainly substantiated by their successes in times past…
But wait a minute. Look who’s talking.
These foes so formidable– are they not but dust before our Maker? 
And the Author of the Word– is He not Authority Supreme? And is it not He Himself Who says: (v.7) “It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass.”?? 
Ahhh, it is. 
So don’t be afraid. Ever. 

“Look Who’s talking!”

Walk in the Light…

Isaiah 2

Most Christians recognize at least some need for separation from the world… But to the point of loneliness?? 
If you’re walking in darkness, evaluate your location and your companions… That’s what I take from Isaiah 2. Which path are you on? The very last verse warns about association with those whose “breath is in [their] nostrils.” In other words, whose strength is in themselves… But why?
Because to walk alone is far better than to walk with sin, and share it’s end…
And you cannot walk in the light, and hold hands with darkness.  
But here’s the really good news–
For those willing to walk alone “in the light of the Lord” (v.5) there’s a promise…
“If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship…”

Triumphant Tale

If you want to read a triumphant tale, read Isaiah 29.
It starts out pretty depressing… Woe to David’s city, woe to it’s inhabitants!
Workers of iniquity, blind eyes, thirsting lips, empty souls…
Her enemies, many. Her walls, rubble.
Her prophets, deaf and dumb… Their prophecies, null.
Heads spinning, feet staggering, and hearts far away…
But then comes verse 17.
And it’s as if the prophet lifts his eyes from the here and now, and sees the gleams of a golden morning.
The deaf will hear, the blind will see…
And the darkness? Gone… gone!
Oh, dear child of the Highest… Lift up your eyes.
Behold the morning!
There’s always one coming, you know. It matters not how dark and cold the night. No night has ever been so dark that morning could not come. And no morning has ever been delayed even a second past its appointed time.
We just need to see through darkness.
And want more good news?
The night is always followed by the morning… But the morning will not always be followed by night.
Light will win in the end…

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