Isaiah 24

It all depends. 

It is called a “terrible day” for a very good reason. But just wait for the dust to settle… The earth may be reeling and shaking, but a few hearts are yet firm. For them, this day is glorious… 
They have no cause for fear. After all, the Power that splits the earth in two around them (v.19) and burns the very firmament is no stranger to them… It’s the same power that keeps them from falling.
And the Light that blinds and burns everything that is unholy and untrue, (even now, under their feet) is no stranger either. It’s the very same light that has illuminated the path of the just since… forever.
Yes, it is only the strangers that fear. The firm hearts are ready to rejoice in the purity of Heaven, because Heaven in all it’s purity is in their hearts. 
Sweet Jesus– Would the song of my life be in harmony with Heaven’s anthem if I were there today? 
Or would I be a discordant note?   
“Tune my heart to sing Your praise…”