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The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

Every Time!

I’ve seldom seen a sky so blue, smelled air so sweet, felt the sun so perfectly warm… and been perfectly oblivious to it. That is, until I saw the light…

I was on the hillside airing my brain with prayers and a journal. Hours of work behind me, hours still ahead… The snow still 8 inches deep in spots around me, my mind 1,000 miles away. One word kept coming up… Impossible.

For a time, I prayed and prayed… And then I walked off of the hillside, ready.

That’s when I stepped in the entry door to find Tasha in the final stages of lunch prep.

“I’ve just got one question, and my question is this: When irresistible power meets immovable object, who wins?”

She stopped mid-step and looked at me. (I love that look…) Silence. One hand on the Vita-Mix, the other on a bag of frozen tropical fruit. Then, a smile…

Irresistible Power.”

Now it’s my turn…
“Every time.”

“Oh, that’s awesome…” (in the true sense of the word)…

Yes. I’m thankful…

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  1. That's such a simple thought, but yet so amazing; it's something I never want to forget. Thanks for sharing it!

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