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I Thirst

Another full revolution around the sun…

I thirst.

25 years have taught me a few things, and none more potent than this:

The greatest gift to any man, is the faith of a child.

Just days ago I sat on the piano bench in a living room full of life, and animated conversations. I was surrounded. Surrounded by young friends 8, 10, 12 years my juniors. Thirsty for God

I love young lives. And I try to maximize every opportunity to make them stronger.
But these lives had at least as much to teach me as I had to teach them.

I thirst. And I’m not alone.

Strange thirst; all consuming, filling to rejoicing, yet only growing stronger with time…

I thirst for Christ.

Nothing else matters.

If there is anything I intend to do with this year of my life,
it is pass on the faith of little children.


  1. Happy Birthday! Keep thirsting!

  2. Very happy Birthday to you! So very sorry, we didn't think of it until now! We shall have to do something about that!

  3. Happy Birthday, friend! 🙂 May this year knock you off your feet and take your breath away. Thanks for sharing your inspirations with each of us. May your focus become ever clearer of the One you live for. Wishing you many…blessings.

  4. Amen, Sean. Amen.
    Happy birthday! What a note to start your new year on…

  5. Happy Birthday, Seán! May God use you more mightily in your new year even than this last one.

  6. Happy birthday from me as well! How wonderful it is when God lets us know what we desire. And yes, you are not alone!

  7. Thank you, friends! My joy is full.

  8. Happy Birthday:) Thanks for having the passion for building us youngins up! The thirst has been passed on…thank you for always pointing to Him! Blessings.

  9. Your birthday is a day behind my brother's! 🙂 May this next year of your life be full of blessings as you continue to encourage others to draw closer to Jesus. Your dedication to the Lord is a powerful inspiration. Keep pressing on!

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