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Not Mine…

Isaiah 39
Boast not of those things which are not yours anyway… 
Hezekiah did, and his son lost his crown, and his people lost their freedom. 
As I sit here at my desk listening to the birds sing thorough open glass doors and delighting in the fresh crispness of mountain air just after sunrise, I glance around my desk– Of all places in this house, here sits the greatest concentration of things I call “my own.”  
Of course almost all my assets under this roof are found here… Thousands in hardware, thousands in software…
But of greater value are the many little treasures found here… A handmade plaque, a pencil sharpener from Australia, a music box, picture frames, a Beanie Baby kitten named Zip, a little button boy named Pillsbury, penholders, notes, quotes, bookmarks… 
The picture of my best friend that just flitted across the screen, the list of friends I pray for from Germany, the list of friends that pray for me, here…
All these reminders– Reminders of the greatest treasures I have. 
All of them, people. 
But they’re not mine! 
They belong to the same God I belong to… I must remember that. 
The moment I forget, they become a liability to me, and I to them. 
If my heart is God’s, and all my gifts are God’s, then together we are all at His disposal, and we all share in His glory…
In the mean time, “My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.” (Psalms 34:2)

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