Just think:
It’s the most beautiful place in all the world…
A palace without boundaries, a treasury inexhaustible, a fortress impregnable… The place where the both the strongest and tenderest of God’s treasures are perfectly safe.
But this is not like the vaults or bunkers of the world. It is the place where ultimate freedom, and top security become one. Where the most profound protection expresses itself, not with bolts and locks, but with perfect liberty.
This is the sanctuary of the Most High. The shadow of His wings… His pavilion.
And the fear of the Lord is the key to the door.
“Sanctify the LORD of hosts Himself; and let Him be your fear… And He shall be for [you] a sanctuary…” Isaiah 8:13-14

Then, Lord Jesus, teach us to fear… That we might abide under the shadow of Your wings.