Isaiah 22

No one knows the real power of an open door, until they’ve known the pain of captivity.
You and I have a great deal to be thankful for…

This morning as I ponder the power of the One with the key to David’s house, I can’t help but think about some of the greatest open doors in history–

Like the door to Peter’s prison, opened at midnight.
Or the doors an earthquake opened, the night a jailor’s family was saved in Philippi.
Or the door to Bedford Jail that opened only after the world had been given the gift of Pilgrims Progress.
Or the doors of Dachau, with its nearly 40,000 prisoners.
Or the famous gates of Auschwitz, opened 65 years and 5 months ago, this very day…

But as ignominious those prisons, as weighty those doors, and as laureled the liberators that finally moved them off into history, there remain strongholds yet greater…
Prison camps no less destructive, gates no less formidable.

They are otherwise known as selfish hearts…

But glory be to the Father… If we recognize our captivity, we can also know the power of the open door.

“So He shall open, and no one shall shut…” Isaiah 22:22