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Relentless Pursuit

We waste hours and days in pursuit of answers from God.

When the answer to every question is to be found in the pursuit of God.

That’s what I learned this morning.

– – –

Memories from the past week, compliments of Instagram (seannebblett)

The sight sister and brother-in-law will see from their balcony in Oklahoma farm country

Reunion of 8 out of 10 sibs.

Stick up to the knee wall, post and beam from there.

Andrew working his chain saw art

balancing act, on a wobbly floor joist, with an iPhone

fabricating things most people buy from the hardware store

sparklers at Chantée and Luke’s Oklahoma reception

uncomplicated. little ones. (love)

And off they go!


  1. My mom says thank you for all the pictures and we miss you all very much. 🙂

  2. Tell her she's more than welcome. 🙂 we miss you guys too!

  3. Thanks for sharing that thought at the top… He's been teaching this to me too. I guess I'm a slow learner.. So thankful for His mercy! =)

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