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The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

The Audacity!

There I am, backed into a corner.

By my weakness.
My track record.
My sin.

It’s not the first time, either.

My heart pounds.

What is going on?

But then through the darkness of another failure kept fresh by my enemy’s brazen taunts, I remember:
I do not for one second believe that the power of darkness is greater than the power of Grace.

Not for one second.

Greater than me, yes.

But Grace abounds…

The audacity!
Audacity of Grace…

The Kingdom belongs to those who believe in the power of God’s dreams.

And keep believing
Especially in dark corners.


“For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again…” Pro 24:16


  1. Oh Sean! You too? This couldn't have been better timing. Praise be to the One who showed us how much grace abounds…
    I truly believe this is a tool the devil is pulling out of his bag in desperation for "he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Bring up old sins, catching us off guard with new ones, magnifying our failure, and trying to crush us under guilt. If He can just get us to think we've gone to far, get us to give up, he's won. I'm seeing it in my own life in frightening ways. And I'm learning it is being experienced by my friends too. I tremble!
    Oh but let's hold! We are almost home. I can almost see the gleaming of His chariot beyond. Cling to Him. The devil is so wrong. We can never go so far, be so wicked that God can't reach us and stand us pure in His presence again! Yes, I will believe in God's dreams.

  2. That last Bible verse is one of my most favorite! What an encouragement to poor stumbling souls. God is so merciful to us!

  3. Powerful. Reminds me of the last two paragraphs on page 484 in the Great Controversy… This beautiful truth that it REALLY IS possible to overcome and get out of that corner is revolutionizing my life. Jesus won, and our battle is against a defeated foe!! Praise God.

  4. @Jenae: I'm convinced right there with you. Why would he fight us so, if he had nothing to lose?
    @Laurel: Mine too…
    @Beth: Yes… Grace that not only saves, but keeps as well.
    What a God…

  5. Amen…Thank you for this Sean.

  6. Yes, I appreciated this too. You should check out my last post on "Brokenness" – I think you'd really like it!!! Totally fits in with these thoughts… May we be broken that HE will make us whole and that HE (not ourselves) will get the VICTORY!!!!!

  7. "The Kingdom belongs to those who believe in the power of God’s dreams."

    What a powerful thought. Thanks for sharing!

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