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All Is Enough [in Ninety-Six Words.]

Out of the blackness of night, and the wonder of the morning, this thought–
All of human fullness is emptiness. Still, we have the audacity of inviting God in, to inhabit some corner. Or even three corners.
The Holy God is far too great, far too deep, far too beautiful to fit in the corner.
Holy God looms too large to fit in all eight corners of three-dimensional infinity
But then this miracle. When suddenly no space in my small heart is reserved unto myself; reserved for my use…
It is enough. 
All becomes enough.


  1. So true… All is all He wants. Just having to learn that is sometimes a struggle! Thanks for sharing.
    God bless, Shanna.

  2. "Will God in very deed dwell with men on the earth? Behold, the heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee; how much less this house which I have built?" 2 Chronicals 6:18
    I just read this verse and it hit me again. God is so big! Amen!

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