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Christian vs. Criminal

There is only a subtle difference between the Christian and the criminal.
Subtle, but significant.

You’ll find them both in the heart of darkness, fists closed around iron bars, rattling and shaking bolts and hinges until the halls ring with desperation. You’ll hear them throw all their weight against doors again and again, until their shoulders swell with bruises. Sweat and tears will mingle, and run down their faces, and dampen their clothes… All in in the desperate quest for freedom.

But there is one subtle difference.

They’re on opposite sides of the door.

Because a free man cannot rest while his friends are in captivity.


  1. Powerful. I'm struck by the illustration… Not nearly so much because of the picture itself, but because I have found myself in that position more than once in the last few days. I can't stand to see friends caught by the devil… Subjected to his hateful schemes. It tears my heart aaprt to see it. What can I do, but fight for them?

  2. May I borrow this for prayer meeting tonight?
    It is such a powerful though! Thanks for sharing!

  3. @momof4boys: Absolutely! Please feel free any time. I'm thankful you were blessed. 🙂

  4. "Because a free man cannot rest while his friends are in captivity". Cannot rest… Amen,Sean. This is so true. And to think that it's ALL thanks to Christ. He started all this…this desire of seeing hearts set free, this "desperate quest". He's sooo good…

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