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Cost of Giving

Like all gifts, Heaven’s almost always come with the price tag removed.
And that’s no accident. Because one shouldn’t be able to casually calculate the cost of giving…

–  –  –
–  –  –

Crickets sound and I quiet my iPhone in the dark. It’s not long before I’m smiling.

Thanksgiving day.
Best day of the year.

Gifts pile up all year long, and of course we say thanks along the way…

(I hope.)

But today is different.

Today we sing over our gifts, and keep singing.
But there’s more than that…

Because a step back to take in a full year’s worth of grace gives us a little bit better sense of the cumulative cost of the giving.

You know, the price tags are always removed before the gift is wrapped up pretty… Heaven does that too. Even if we were informed of exactly the purchase price, we wouldn’t remotely be able to compute…

So we’re given another way to understand.


There is only one kind of person in the world that can grasp the value of a priceless treasure.

It’s the man or woman who rejoices over the gift they don’t understand until their own hear bursts with giving-back.

Gifts I’m rejoicing over (and over) today:
A bleeding Brow.        John 19:2
The Father’s Hands.     Luke 23:46
The innocent Face.     Mark 15:14
Everlasting Arms.      Deut 33:27
Eyes that never wander.    Psalm 33:18
A Heart that never forgets.    Isaiah 49:15 


  1. Thankfulness, Gratitude Expressed in Giving.
    What can we give back to Him who gave all for us?

  2. Please express to your family how blessed Nelson and I were (along with Sam) to be welcomed into your home for such a sweet time of laughter and fellowship.

  3. Oh I will! Thank you all for coming… It was a joy and blessing for us to have the two of you and Sam join us. 🙂 May it not be the last!

  4. I was reading this morning about Mary and how it was overwhelming gratitude to Him that motivated her in the costly gift of humble servitude. She gave her all. But what about us? Does gratitude to Christ motivate us to make thanksgiving a daily activity rather than a once-a-year occurrence? Do we give our all for Him who gave us the greatest gift in the first place?

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