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He Knows

So the next one will be in five years… And they can tell you month, day, minute, and second.
And it won’t be late or early. I take comfort in that…

“Like the stars in the vast circuit of their appointed path
God’s purposes know no haste
and no delay.”*
So what if He doesn’t tell me month, day, minute and second… All I need to know is, 

He knows.
Desire of Ages, p. 32


  1. Mmm. _And what comfort._ He does. Without a doubt. He does.

  2. Mmm… Agreed. Comforting thought indeed…

  3. That moon…
    I was so grateful I got to see a sliver of golden rim, even though I was told out here I wouldn't see anything. So beautiful!
    But even more grateful for the reassurance of Him knowing, and that being enough.

    "…no haste, and no delay."
    Amen. He is so faithful.

  4. Good thought, Sean! It makes me think of the passage that says, "He has made everything beautiful in His

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