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Only One

I’ve learned something about love.

It feels the pain of strangers.

Somewhat overwhelmingly so, at times.
Or maybe it is that it knows no strangers.

Under a tiny sliver of moon in the sultry south I sit on a red-brick retaining wall, and ponder:
This joy that’s mine, this peace, this hope

These become torture, when I recognize in the eyes of a stranger the fingerprints of pain, and I can’t do anything about it. Because as quickly as they come, they go…
And there are hundreds of them, and there’s one of me.

Only one.

And I can only be in one place at one time.
(ruthless limitation.)

But then I remember:
There’s just one of me, but then, there are the footprints.

They can’t go where I’ve not gone,
but they can stay after I leave.

Jesus, let me leave only prints You could claim as Your own…

– – –

I have only one life to live.

And that one, I intend to give away.


  1. Lovely, Brother… especially the last. I too only want to leave footprints He can claim as His own. He is worthy of everything we have…

    ~Josiah|Begin the Song of Praise

  2. Amen… "I have only one life to live. And that one, I intend to give away." I also only want to leave footprints that Christ could claim as his own. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 It resonates deep and challenges high.

  4. We will never know the exact number of people that we have influenced. We must make sure that we showing Christ in all we do, most especially when we around people that don't know Seventh day Adventists.

  5. Mmm…OH, may all that see our footprints, find us faithful unto the end, and that they will be encouraged to "endure unto the end." (Matthew 24:13)

  6. Thanks for sharing your passion brother. I share your intention: My life is no good to me either, unless I give it away. 🙂 And what a blessing it is…

  7. That is what I felt last week as I looked into pain- and regret-filled eyes from my viewpoint on the podium, Bible in hand. Mhm. Ruthless limitation. But I think of seeds… Like footprints, they can't go where we haven't gone, but they can stay where we leave them… and sprout and grow. I want to keep casting seed wherever His footprints lead me, and I'm not sure that there's any event I look forward to more than seeing the fruit of those seeds in the kingdom. What a day of rejoicing!

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