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The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

Relentless Men

Luther. Tyndale. Huss.
Lenin. Stalin. Hitler.
Winston Churchil. William Wilberforce. William Pitt (the Younger)…

Names all that ring down the halls of history.
World changers.

Extraordinary? Certainly.
All particularly advantaged, talented, clever, wealthy and wise?

But they shook the world. Their tread resounded across the borders of countries and continents. In their day, greatly loved or greatly feared. In ours, household names.

They brought the horror of great darkness, or returned the people to light.

And they all had this in common:
They faced unbelievable odds, and failed more times than you and I have tried.

But they were relentless men.
Relentless men.

There is a reason my iPhone chimes at 11:00 am on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays reminding me to go outside and run. And it’s not because I don’t have other things to do. Ok, so exercise is good. But for this pilgrim, there’s way more strategy in it than just that.

I’m a mercy-loving man. But sensitivity being one of my stronger points, in my natural personality I sometimes have far too much mercy on myself…

I need to learn relentlessness. Just as thoroughly as I study what it means to be a world-class gentleman. Or, . . . never be a world-changer.

So I’ve set out to do just that.

That’s why I get up when I do.
That’s why I put on neon-blue Nike+ shoes and run 8 miles, Sun, Tues, Thurs…
Every week.

I don’t love running that much.
That’s exactly my problem

What makes us think God is going to train us for service while we sit here?
God has no intentions of doing for us what we can do for ourselves.
Grace enables.
You decide.

Yes, you.


  1. And grace is power. Love it.

  2. A great challenge, To bring change, to bring light, to be a "Relentless man" at all costs.

  3. Sean, Thanks sooooo much, this is just what I needed…thank you!!! Praise God

  4. Yet again you have encouraged and inspired me. Thank you very much.

  5. What a challenge brother! Thank you. I think we all need a little stretching. Especially me! 🙂

  6. Mmm.. thank you. And I think action is the deciding word. To do – or die. There is value only in audacity. And effort. Sheer, painful, tear wrenching effort. Sometimes. But grace wins the victory.

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