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Sign Here Please

“By signing, I would have been giving away comprehensive and exclusive rights to all of my music, everywhere in the universe, for perpetuity! No!”

We still laugh every time we remember it.
Our incredulous friend-since-childhood, turned celebrity and world traveler. And us.

We’d just finished sharing a stage. And now under discussion was the paperwork so often required for such appearances…

– – –

Comprehensive, exclusive, universal… For perpetuity.
My rights.
Sign here please.

I bristle. Don’t you?
The last thing I want to do is give up my rights.

But do I really have any?
Oh yes, “We hold these truths to be self evident…”

But on the cosmic stage…

On the cosmic stage, I’m a criminal. And I already gave my rights away.
But I still claim them. My right to myself. My right to my powers. My right to pleasures…
It’s all death. And they’re not even really mine…
I don’t even have the right to life.

Unless Jesus Himself gives me His.
The right to His power, His pleasures, His life… Himself.

It’s crazy. But He offers it anyway.
And so we trade.

That’s when I sign away my claims to myself.

Sign here please.

You bet.
My rights, comprehensive, exclusive, universal, for perpetuity.
I release my claims to myself.

Christ claims my powers, my gifts, my breath,

I claim Christ.


  1. Thanks for that reminder Sean.

  2. Mmm… To sign my life completely, utterly, unreservedly over to my Savior, to relinquish any claims I think I have to myself or my life for perpetuity… That's what I want too.

  3. Mmm… I'll sign… that book of Christs children, turning their lives _completely_ in His care. That's what I want too…

  4. Thanks Sean! That actually ties in nicely with some of the things we learned in class today… Signing our lives, and especially our worldview to Him. Powerful stuff.

  5. We so often think that we "deserve" all the things that God has given us. But what we really deserve is immediate death. But praise God, Jesus came to pay the infinitely high price that the law demanded!

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