Unsatisfied By Average

The Musings of a Stubborn Believer


It’s the morning after Thanksgiving.
I miss it already.

So I’m going to keep it going another day, another week, another month…

We compare notes around the hearth and it turns out we’re all thankful for more than circumstances…
We’re thankful for the sunshine. And we’re thankful for the shadows, which always prove that there is a sun up there.
We’re thankful for happiness. And we’re thankful for strength, gained at the cost of ease.
We’re thankful for uncomplicated communion, and for friendship tempered by tears.
We’re thankful for sympathy, a gift best given by a heart that knows what it is to hurt…

We’re thankful that He sees beyond this moment and hands us what we’d choose had we His eyes, His heart. We’re thankful that He condescends to suffer humanity to share His joy, His tears. We’re humbled at the confidence he bestows upon erring mortals when he gives us His Name, His reputation…

Let the chime stay in the kitchen another day, a reminder to express Gratitude.
And let Thanksgiving never end.


  1. Yes, thankful we are. And can I say that this Thanksgiving has been a gift? 🙂 Love this post.

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes… thanksgiving all year long…a lifestyle of thanksgiving. 🙂 I'm ringing the chimes from afar.
    Glad to finally see some gentlemen pictures this year. 🙂 You all were pretty spiffy 🙂

  3. We have much to be thankful for…. I agree, Thanksgiving should keep on going. The moment we cease to give thanks is the moment when we cease to truly live.

  4. Nice looking dishes you had Sean! I would have certainly liked to help you eating the left-overs! I'm glad I can take mine to church potluck today, since I had fewer guests than expected for my own Thanksgiving dinner. Oh how I love this tradition! I got to like it so much that I had to import it to Europe. I'm thankful that I can do these fundraising dinners, however I'm longing to be in the States again one day for Thanksgiving…

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