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There’ll Be More Leaves Next Year…

Stepping out into the 7-degree morning reminded me–
Seasons come, and seasons go. 
As I stood there sniffing air so cold it tickled from my nose to my throat, I thought of something…
The change of seasons is really a constant cycle of life, growth, and total surrender. 
I’m reminded of Bigger Dreams.
But this time the focus is a bit different. 
Because before the young tree can hope to grow taller and stronger, and spread more leaves to the sky, it must first let go of everything it has. 
Everything it has worked so hard for. 
The very current of it’s life…
Every leaf must fall, to make way for a brighter tomorrow. 
Those who don’t, might not have a tomorrow.
I’m somewhat a Michigan native, and I remember many times when the snow or ice came before the trees had made their total surrender. Too many of those trees never saw another spring… 
Seasons come, and seasons go. 
In life, and in the weather. 
So while I await the unfolding of the next season of my life, my duty is clear:
Readiness. Willingness. Surrender.
There’ll be more leaves next year.


  1. So beautifully put! I have been thinking of this recently and actually had been thinking about writing something along those lines but you got to it before I did and did it so much better than I could have done! 🙂

    Next year there will be more leaves and more to surrender and to let go of but God is so very good and gives us the just the strength and the grace we need for each task, for each day, for each season, for each surrendering of ours to Gods.

  2. I seem to be hearing this idea a lot lately too. I'm beginning to understand it better. What is so amazing is that when you do give up that which is rightfully yours to God, even though the pain cuts deep, there is such a sweet peace and joy and freedom that comes afterward…
    Is God trying to tell us something? prepare us for something He is about to do? So many of us seem to be going through this experience in a deeper way right now… Oh, but whatever it is I am so glad for it!

  3. Every single morning I awake to a deeper conviction that our enemy works tirelessly against us because he is more aware than even we are of the potential of Grace.
    He tries to make us keep, because if we give, he will really lose…

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