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Twice a Crime

To deprive Christ of His bride by flirting with His enemy–

This is high treason. 
But to shrink into a corner when the morning illuminates the sin, 
And to refuse the open arms of the God Who is Love because
I’m filthy dirty. And guilty.
And I’m not good enough, 
And He deserves something better; someone better.
And that someone else could make Him so much happier…

This is twice a crime. 
Let Him be the judge of all that.
Just let Him love you.
“I have loved thee with an everlasting love…”


  1. Amen…Thank you, Thank you!
    God knew just what I needed today…

  2. Thanks so much! I really needed that! And the photos are stunning!

  3. Beautiful…But solemn thoughts! Thank you for sharing!

  4. "…high treason. …twice a crime." Painfully true words.

    "…let Him be the judge…"-and what a judge He is…
    What redemption…

  5. Amen… It's so amazing; God gives you courage just when you need it. He knows. Thanks for sharing!

  6. He knows–and He loves extremely, radically, despite knowing. Thank you 🙂

  7. O I can't get my mind around Him. He's too big…
    _But you can never know too much, and you can never know enough either._ 🙂

  8. Too big…so true Jenae. Way too big, For this little mind to understand, but I'm glad for it. For if I could completely understand him he wouldn't see so amazing…I think that's why he loves to leave us awestruck. 🙂 Thanks Sean…may I never cease to fall into those incredible hands…hands that continue to love even amidst the scars…

  9. Mmm… Those words, they hit deep. Oh to know, and live that kind of love!

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