Unsatisfied By Average

The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

There are Promises, and then there are Promises…

…All of them are infallible, but some are so pronounced they don’t even need to be articulated.

They’re absolute. They’re there whether or not He keeps saying it. Like love, and grace, and mercy…

For God to keep “promising” to love is a bit like a biological father promising to keep being a biological father. It’s not going to change, say it or not.

It’s Who God is.

Ok, So… where’s our part?

The appropriation of “promises absolute” depends not on the validity of the promise itself, but our appreciation for it.
Don’t appreciate it, (or don’t appreciate it enough) and for you, it’s almost like it’s not there… Even if it is absolute.
Love and grace and the Spirit… They all work that way.

They’ve always been there…
Oh Jesus, open our eyes…

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  1. So true Sean. May God help us to truly appreciate and live the promises!

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