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So Many Faces…

From a conference dripping with miracles I return a stronger man, a more exuberant Christian, a humbled, baffled, incredulous, encouraged, inspired child of the God Who never tires of giving… As if I really deserved anything from His hand in the first place!
There were so many faces… Thousands of windows to souls I know nothing about… But then there were probably 1,000 that I did know… and do love. So many smiles! So many transformations… And then there were a few faces that told special stories I’ll long remember… Like the one that smiled through tears when I talked about heaven. And the one that laughed and cried at once. And the one that flushed undiluted earnestness and devotion while praying for a miracle…
Yes, Jesus gives… Jesus loves! And never has my heart loved His more.
And shame? Yes. Shame on being afraid to own Him! Shame on trying to walk without Him! If any will glory, glory in the cross…
Here are a few more faces… from around this big country we call our home. Some think “Oklahoma Family Campmeeting,” some think “Youth for Jesus 2009″…
We think–


  1. Wow! That is so neat! I loved our name! Too bad it didn't make it on the screen. Thanks for posting here.
    I think this was the best GYC so far. I wonder how next year could top it, but as you said when God is in it….

  2. Thanks for posting that, Sean!! GYC was amazing!!
    I'm one of the few that thinks both "Oklahoma Family Campmeeting" and "Youth For Jesus 2009". However, I think Reunion was the best of all! I wish they could have put it on screen! Well, at least it's in our hearts:)
    I know GYC made changes in my life, as well as in the lives of others…May we all continue on UNashamed!

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