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Here We Go!

Promise for the day:
Psalms 81:10 “Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it…”
Don’t take my word for it. Prove Him.

Charge for the day:
You think we know 10,000 people between us? I do.
And every one of them should have the chance to dare with us.
So, tell them. Text them. Facebook them.

Encouragement for the day:
It does get easier. It does.
But you’ve got to be willing for it to be hard first. 🙂

I declare this week coming to be “Pray-for-each-other-on-ScriptureTyper-week.”
Let’s see what God can accomplish.

Click your ST tab above and let’s go.

— [excited beyond belief. :)]


  1. Yay!!!So, so excited. I'm already loving the first 3 verses and how they end."…for the time is at hand".

    And I'm praying God grants me the grace to truly *keep* and *internalize* His words, weighty as they are.

  2. This has become an integral scheduled part of my day. We're excited, too…. Not to just know, but to live.

  3. When I woke up yesterday morning, I said "Forget it." This morning I was about to officially ditch the whole idea, because it seems I'm looking at a choice of school or Bible memorization. And the parents would argue that school is of utmost importance. But I decided I must try. And if I can memorize just one verse in an average day, I will be content. Because that will still get me there.

  4. Oh, I'm so excited too! I prayed before I started using ST again this year; that this slow computer that I use would go be able to go faster just for ST. And He answered my prayer, it works wonderfully now! 😀

  5. I'm so excited!!! 🙂

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