Unsatisfied By Average

The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

Journal 3: These Strange Fetters

March 18, 18:52

…So like yours and mine, but not.

Don’t I owe them something? These beautiful people with dark eyes, that look like they could be my cousins? These lives lived out in thatched huts, or wooden shacks on stilts 10 feet up?

These who live with spirit charms over their doors to keep the devils from wreaking havoc on their lives… (Only deep down he really doesn’t care about woven straw, just wants them to live with fear as the default?)

These who planted their fields this year, only to have rain wash away their hopes. These starving for more than rice…
Starving for love?

Don’t I owe them something?
Don’t I?

I who can pray real prayers to the real Power in the shadow of the tree where the second-most-powerful evil spirit in the province lives…
I who understand, by grace, the glory of trust.

I do owe.
I do.

the (in)famous tree (where God is still stronger)


friends beloved

the guy with the 5D


  1. Yes, how true!
    My heart longs to see the Saving Light come to these Villages that are still in the grips of Satan.
    Thank you for sharing this, yes we DO owe them something…the saving power of God, what work we still have!
    My prayer is that i will be in tune to hear His call.

  2. Those beautiful flowers . . . Did you find any of the plants with fruit on them? They are passion fruit flowers and any variety of passion fruit are special and very flavorful 🙂

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