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Under Any Circumstances

“Isaiah 58 speaks of a ‘chosen fast’, of the service our God values…

‘To loose the bands of wickedness,’ undo ‘heavy burdens,’ ‘let the oppressed go free,’ break yokes, feed starving children, provide for the poor, dress the naked…

This morning as I was pondering here, it struck me that for the given, every act of service or obedience is an act of war.

and God has given us the privilege of going to war — of breaking yokes and letting the oppressed go free — right here. With music.

We would do well to remember.”

The hours fly by, and since those words were spoken, all 9 family songs have been tracked, and all but two of the rest. Voices lasted long enough to finish that which was necessary to proceed, and then mine rebelled completely, to remind me I’m just dust. So, we work our instrumental accompaniment while we drink gallons of water and let the voices rest for the final two… 🙂
And yet, even in this mercy we feel our need. Our violinists both awoke under the weather this morning. But Chantée resolutely declares she will record under any circumstances. Fuel for Glory, right?

We press on. 🙂 Coveting your prayers always…


  1. You have my prayers, Brother! 🙂

  2. Praying…as always. But if I may…I request yours too… Thanks.

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  4. Praying for you all… for your voices, as well as for God's continued blessing as you're doing a work for Him! I know His glory will be revealed-as always for his trusting and surrendered children.

  5. I'm praying harder then I ever have for you all! 🙂 I know, "God's Grace will prevail", indeed.

  6. Isnt just amazing what God can do with "dust"…I will continue to pray that God will have his way with all of us and that we continue allowing him the freedom to do what he must.

  7. We're hugely indebted to each of you… Thanks so much. You call down miracles.

  8. hmmm…. Every act of obedience to loosen the bands of wickedness is an act of war.

    I think that about sums it up.

    More days than not we're in the heat of a major battle. 🙂

  9. A few weeks back I was impressed to put together a message based on Isaiah 58;6-7! whenever we minster in any way, we are feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. Not just when we physically help them.

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