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Even if it Leaves a Scar

“It is broken hearts that long for Home, 
and change the world.”

That’s why.
That’s why though I have thousands of beautiful photos of beautiful friends, my phone shows me this one every time I swipe to unlock it.

Image: ©New York Times

You reel. You should.

– – – – –

“That would make me sick every time I saw it.”
Words of a trusted friend, those.

“It does make me sick.”
That’s why it’s there.

. . .

“I don’t understand…
Why her and not me?
Why am I not a starving child in Africa?
Why was I born into my family here in the US?”

“I know… I don’t know. 
That’s why it breaks me.”

There are two kinds of people in the world:
Those who have been given the gift of suffering,*
And those gifted with the responsibility to do something about it.

I’m asking God to burn the needs of His children on my heart… 
Even if it leaves a scar. 
His hands are scarred, after all.

*Suffering: the gift of being able to 
uniquely identify with a heart-broken God.


  1. I just want to pick her up and take her home… and have the same heart-burning for God's suffering children.

  2. "Why Lord? Why her and not me?" I have asked that kind of question over and over, my heart breaking inside for those who have been wounded, scarred, starved. But you're right. We've been gifted with a responsibility… And what are we DOING?? Lord, give us the sensitivity to take our responsibility seriously so You can come and put an end to this horrible suffering!

  3. "I'm asking God to burn the needs of His children on my heart… Even if it leaves a scar. His hands are scarred, after all."

    Amen. A thousand times, amen…

  4. "Pure Religion" (James 1:27) – and there are more, far more, suffering than perhaps we realise. The gift is to perceive it.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Before I read this post, all I had to do was to look at the picture and then I felt like crying, not just because of the thousands of people this child represents but also because "Who will go?"; who will say "Here I am, Lord; send me." I want to help them too, but of course I can't help the whole world physically, but I'm certainly praying…and praying for more missionaries in this world who love the Lord and will unselfishly, lovingly care for others. Oh, I pray that the needs–physical and spiritual–of people will burn even deeper into the depths of my soul.

  6. Oh Sean…! Before I even read your words that is exactly what I felt. Sick to my stomach…

    _I will where there are no easy roads. Leave the comforts that I know. I will go and let this journey be my home._

  7. mmm…thanks Sean. This heart needs reminders like this…

  8. I too share the same burning heart for these poor children… Many times I've though of how blessed I am to have a family that cares for me. Oh, if we could only see how blessed we are to have a home, food and to know our Heavenly Father, but on the other side of the world there's darkness. Thank you again Sean, for that reminder.

  9. No words for what I'd like to say. I'll never forget being on the Cambodian border and finding a baby sitting alone in the dirt. And we're the ones made to be His hands and His feet. . . Action?

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  11. There are numerous things of varying importance that I see as wrong. But that has to be one of the wrongest – precious, innocent children, who have nothing. (As in, literally nothing.) No food, no clothes, no love. No one to tell them about Jesus. It makes me want to cry… and yet what am I doing about it? I have to admire you for using that picture on your phone.

  12. Ah, no words can express… Thank you for the post and the picture. "I'm asking God to burn the needs of His children on my heart…" – that is my prayer too.

  13. I do believe that picture represents the entire Great Controversy. And if we are wise, we will recognize ourselves—and our great need—in that child.

  14. I don't know how I ended up in this post but it brought back all the things that were burning in my heart for my Cambodian people. And it makes me just want to go back…Actually this weeks I was thinking again how immensely blessed I am, and how much do I owe to them…to the hurting…I was wondering the same…Why do I have so many blessings Lord? Let me go again!!But He knows…He's teaching me that each soul is precious to Him…and I hope in His time, He bring me back.

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