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Absolute Love

My hands in my pockets, my eyes on the ground…
Walking slowly down a Tennessee farm road.
The splash of a pebble in the creek.
The sound of distant laughter.
A heart-melting sunset.
A throbbing soul.


But it’s ok. More than ok. Should not the cross cost me more than the change in my pocket? Should it not cost me every drop of love in my human heart?
A conversation with one of my sisters last weekend still reverberates in my mind…
God is Trustworthy.
Love costs. Absolute love costs absolutely.
…Yet fills completely.
This is glory for me. 


  1. Thanks Sean. That was a "word in due season." 🙂

  2. I needed that!! "You still love us no matter what"! Wow! That's my kind of friend!

  3. Oh, what a Friend! He's always there with His arms of love stretched out to embrace each of His children, and He wants to fill us with that love. "The heart of God yearns over His earthly children with a love stronger than death." (SC,10) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Truth rings with a clarity that cannot be disputed. Thanks for your thoughts, Sean.

  5. This set me to thinking. What a privilege it is to be alone when it is to be filled with God's infinite love.

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