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Happy Birthday, Lofty Studios!

Lofty Studios celebrates 1 year of operations this month, with a continued goal of “Preserving a Legacy, Lest We Forget

The year has been fun, and every production adds a new dimension of some sort… (I won’t bother to post the version of this logo that appeared on the first production many months ago) Starting the year proudly with Adobe Premiere Elements (giggles) and ending the year with Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition and After Effects all a buz, and another production well on its way…

God always keeps His promises… We have nothing to fear, except as we forget how He has led us in the past…

Then let everything that comes across this desk, and bears this stamp make others think more highly of You, the God Whose life and love and character all defy expression, in the coming year, and every year…


  1. I pray that the goal for which Lofty Studios was born will remain throughout its lifetime 🙂 May God be praised and uplifted through all you do! I’m proud to be your sister 🙂

  2. Ah, finally, good for you. *feels influential*

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