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The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

I Will Go – Available Now!

My life, your life, has been preserved until this moment
for one reason.

That it might be given away.

While there is life and strength in you,
          While you are young and brave, and beautiful,


Go pour out every drop on thirsty ground 
where no flowers grow, but seeds lie dormant.

From its first heartbeat this project has been woven with your prayers, enabled by your gifts, inspired by your friendship and filled with your favorites.

And it’s all been such a gift to us, we can’t stand the thought of ending the giving.
And we’ve decided there’s no reason to.

This CD is a bit different… Longer, yes. Filled with nominations, yes.
But more than that, squeezed out of hearts that are being wrung with longing to see dark places lighted with the Glory of God…

Hearts thankful beyond words for the inspiration of the soldiers young and old actually holding the torches.
They’re our heroes. And some of their names can’t appear in print.
But this CD is dedicated to them.

And we give thanks for them, but we want to do something a bit more.
So a dollar from every disk goes to Karen Outreach. (www.karenoutreach.org)

That’s our little part.
If you’d like to send a dollar too, use the second paypal button when you order. We’ll send $2.

But don’t just buy the CD and sit and listen and smile and say “that’s sweet.”
Go get on your face and ask to be broken and spilled out.

Then we can call this project a success.


p.s. Thank you isn’t enough. 80 plus songs later, we have fodder for lots of dreams. And we wish we could sufficiently thank everyone that took the time to nominate songs. We still have the list….. 🙂
But I promised that your names would go in a hat, and a dozen of you would get free copies. So if your name is listed below:

1. Don’t order a copy. It’ll just come in the mail. (better email me at seannebblett[at]gmail[dot]com to give me your address though.

2. Order a copy anyway. We’ll send all 15 dollars to Asia…

Maria Adams

Esther Collier
Luther Coram

Christina Ford

Emily Heagy
Beth Johns

Lydia Keener

Cami Martin
Hope Montana
Libby Orthman
Allie Westermeyer
Sophia Wichmann


  1. Excited! Yes, I'm taking the challenge. We Got to do something, we cannot leave them in the darkness.
    Thank you

  2. Wait… Are you serious?

  3. The song was gift enough!… Thank you from all the Fords. Have no doubts, the CD will be played at our house probably more than you guys can imagine. We love your mission, so count us in for ordering a couple more copies:)

  4. Really? I'm not dreaming this? 😉
    Thank you! The song was more than enough for me too!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yess!!! 😀 Thank you so much.

  7. I have to share how grateful we are for your recent CD!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the music. The words uplift the soul. Christina was tickled to be the recipient of the gifted one!! We all were. Somehow it is needed in the house so…. the Christmas one still plays in the van – if that tells you anything.

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