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The Blind Cannot Lead The Blind [Glorious Fast – Part II]

“…to loose the bands of wickedness…”

If hacking chains is exhilarating work, it is also gut-wrenching. Tear jerking.
Soul taxing–

And full-filling.

It is neither for the faint-hearted, nor for the half-committed…

But it is brilliantly, brilliantly rewarding.

Little wonder then that many an eager recruit has taken to the field with clumsy grip and misfit armor to seek fame in such brave exploits. Only, without first counting (or even knowing) the cost.

These first six words betray one of the best-kept secrets of the dark side.

As regards [im]morality*:

License is bondage.

Lust is an iron chain.
And many, many beautiful people are wearing such fetters.

But these, my friends,
These are the first chains to go.

Only, they will never fall helpless before the faith (or the fervent fuming) of the faint-hearted,
or the half-committed.

From these same six words rings out to every soldier sharpening his sword for such a battle, this thundered imperative- a charge commanding every anguished drop of a soldier’s undying commitment:

Be. thou. pure.

Be thou pure.

Because only purity is stronger than vice.

*Strongs: [“wickedness” from 7561; a wrong (especially moral)…]


  1. Yes, important truths that I need to remember…

  2. A worthy and necessary battle. And it's worth all we have to give it and all it takes.

  3. "…only purity is stronger…" yes…yes. how desperately Satan wants us to believe differently.

  4. I am one of those people you talk about. And I'm tired of it.

    You say these chains are the first to go, but how? and once free, how does a person stay that way?

  5. Anonymous, my friend…
    I wipe hot tears. The answer to your question(s) is several layers deep. And the solution is not easy, but neither is it complicated.
    And is not freedom worth fighting for?

    Purity is stronger than vice because Love is stronger than lust… (and everything else in the universe.)
    But starving lust while learning love can be blood, sweat, tears, and a few other agonies… You need both a will of steel, and a hand to hold.

    And both are within you reach, even if they have to be built from scratch… Wherever, and whoever you are.

    Email me please? Even if you use an anonymous email account. I want to fight your chains too…


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