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The Stuff of the Brave

Consumed as I’ve been of late with strategies to arm next generation’s young heroes with this generation’s arsenal of lessons learned, I think I’m justified in my excitement.

Aren’t you? Maybe you didn’t read what I read this morning.

…About the way stone walls can either make us slaves, or make us like themselves. Invincible.

“It is written of Joseph in the dungeon that ‘the iron entered into his soul.'” – (Streams in the Desert, September 8)

The let us neither bemoan the ruggedness of the way, nor the apparent strength of the enemy.

Let us rather gather always strength from our surroundings. And let the battlements we break through become in us the stuff of steel that the brave men and women of the cross are made of.

We can’t lose.


  1. Yes…oh yes…oh yes!!!!

  2. "and it is just this work that makes a trembling child strong…"
    invincible steel; strongest bulwarks; assured victory. This makes my heart rejoice…

  3. I needed this today. And looking for the devotional I read the one for September 8 and it seems that in the online version is not this same one you mentioned here. Anyway, it was beautiful and again, what I needed to hear today. The title is: "Run with Patience". What is the title of the one you are referring to? "The Stuff of the Brave"?

    I didn't know about this devotional before! I am definitely adding it to my devotionals collection 🙂 Thanks!


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