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No Substitute

I’m as sure as the sunrise. This is the secret…

I stand at my front door and watch Africa stir, listen to the jungle morning. But my thoughts are far away. I cry and He answers. And though we better our acquaintance daily, most days He still catches me off guard. And some days when I’m only half done with my rant he silences me with one word, burned in silence across the wall of my soul.

“… And say I not well that I am ‘a Samaritan’?
Say I not well that Thou deservest more and better?–“

“Say I not well that there is only one of you in the world, and in My heart you’re irreplaceable?”

There is one thing that binds me to the cross. One thing that is to be thanked for any progress, any strength, any accomplishment.
And that one thing is not my commitment, my abandonment, my faith, my hope, my experience, my choice, my will, my power, or my surrender.

It is the mercy of Christ.

The love that doesn’t want “more and better” as a substitute for broken me.


  1. Hey, it reminds me of a dream I had some time ago. I dreamed that I was looking out the window. There came a woman that had a medical bag with organs. She showed me a heart and was full of joy when she was talking about it. She wanted me to hold it in my hand but I felt disgust. But by hearing her talking about the heart and its life giving purpose I was infected by her joy more and more, and took that heart. Then my sister came home and I ran to meet her to show her the heart. I met her in the staircase room. She did not stop. But I was excited about the heart and said, just look at the heart. She took it from my hands incuriously and ripped it to pieces. I was shocked! I thought, how can I replace this heart? I thought, I can not replace it, even if I would give my own for it.

    I guess I need earnest heart searching..

  2. Amen, Sean! That's what binds me to the cross, the love that doesn't want 'more and better'. I have been studying, recently His love and how selfless and [really] it is amazing, especially when we let it work in us!

  3. Mm. Lots of object lessons there…

  4. "And though we better our acquaintance daily, most days He still catches me off guard…. There is one thing that binds me to the cross."
    yes…one thing.

    and He still catches me off guard too. just can't seem to wrap my mind around the infinite goodness of His heart… it's no wonder that we will need all of eternity to keep trying.

  5. This I can do. Give broken me.

  6. Oh, bless His precious name! His grace still amazes me…

  7. "…in My heart you're irreplaceable" – this thought overwhelmed me

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