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Jesus Knows

I wonder if you, like me, have ever stood in the doorway of the tabernacle* and felt like you were totally out of place there…

–  –  –  –
I stand on the threshold. This is God’s home. And it’s a place that feels as though it has been at times more familiar to me than it is at this moment. 
His eyes hold only love. 
My head is bowed though, because my mind cradles memories fresh of petty wanderings I’d like to forget.
“Welcome home.”
“Thank You, Sir.
But— [with trembling, and wonder, and a bit of incredulity, and still a bowed head] 
Does Your Lordship know what it feels like to be a betrayer and a murderer?”
I know. The inane questions I ask sometimes.
He just looks at me, lets me stand there a minute. And His face is kind, and grave, and silent. But suddenly His Spirit leads me back to truth 2,000 years old. I hear, I remember. I look up at His face. 
“Yes, actually… I died carrying the sins of Judas too.”

Oh. That’s right. (and so horribly wrong.)

You Who knew no sin, accepted the sin of the betrayer. 
And it killed You, so I could live.

And this is why you can welcome me home.
Let me never hesitate.
Jesus knows. 
*metaphorically speaking, you understand.


  1. Amen, very solemn and also encouraging as well. Jesus's love for is so great!… We ought to love Him also… Thank you for sharing…

  2. _You Who knew no sin, accepted the sin of the betrayer.
    And it killed You, so I could live._

    And this is why He welcomes us home. He carried the sins of those who did not love Him, that they might know what love truly is. I'm seeing more and more that He not only understands, but _feels_ for us.

  3. Glad you made it safely back to America Seán! Hope you had a blessed time in the Congo – and hopefully my package made it to NM!

  4. Amazing how He welcomes us home so gladly when we were the ones who crucified Him with our sins!

  5. Thanks Daniela! indeed it did. 🙂

  6. Sean… this is powerful. Thanks for sharing. The imagery really came alive for me.

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