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Chained by Fear [Glorious Fast – Part IV]

…and to let the oppressed to free…

There is nothing in the world to fear, but fear itself.
–words to a trusted friend those.

Fear substantiates the false claims of every captor.

Because when I fail, this jail I find myself in is horrible…
But even more horrible is the fear.

Fear keeps thousands in prison, when the door is wide open.
Because worse than jail itself is fearing “how God will treat me” when I get out

But to say that God is anything like fear describes is as wrong as calling the devil a savior.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The truth is, God loves.
only. loves.

But the fearing can scarcely be blamed for disbelieving that at times…

We’ve taught them to.

Yes. You and me.
We teach the weak to fear.
By our actions. When we’re supposed to be representing Jesus Himself…

And that keeps them in prison even when the doors are open.

“…and to let the oppressed to free…”

Not just by getting the door open.
By helping them believe they’ll always find open arms on the other side of the threshold.



  1. Wow! Profound! Just what I needed to hear today!! For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." His arms are open wide with love and forgiveness to anyone who comes to Him in faith.

  2. To be trusted hands, trusted hearts…oh how I long to reflect His image…and be a friend to the oppressed…trusted enough to help them out of the door and into the light. Thanks Sean…you really tied up the ends for me. 🙂

  3. Praise God! These thoughts are such a blessing… 🙂

  4. Oh, to have a heart _like His_. . .

  5. Wow…"We have taught them to fear." By our absence, our rejection, our neglect, our coldness in the face of brokenness. Deep words. Searing words. Oh how I need Jesus… Only He can change the wellsprings of my heart to that of consistent thoughtfulness of the needs of others.

  6. Taught to fear…. How does one let go of fears that are deeply rooted in the past… and live truly free?

  7. My friend–
    Letting go of anything is difficult by nature… We're reflexively closed-fisted. (Even if what we've got is torment.)
    You can't delete fear. Love crowds it out. Aim to open your hands to love; fear will get fumbled.

    To let go of fear is first to abandon control, and to trust all your broken pieces (and their consequences) with Love. To trust He'll be gentle with you, ruthless with what harms you. Because that's what Love does.

    To trust love– yeah it's risky. Especially when all you know is fear. But is not risk better than sure bondage?
    He's trustworthy. I promise.


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