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To Finish the Job [Glorious Fast – Part V]

“… and that ye break every yoke?…”

This is no halfway freedom we’re talking about.

This is undeniably the most audacious face of the conflict–
It’s grace, returning to finish the job.

Because “if the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

So it is that the trembling (but oh, so happy) child of God (only recently in chains) awakens one morning to a flurry of activity, and while yet rubbing sleep from the eyes an angel brushes by and says the Commander is waiting…

“For what– 
        For me??”

Yes. Because just getting clear of the door of that prison is’t enough for this General.
Today they’re going back to crush the fortress to a thousand pieces.

And He wants to take me with Him.

So we set out. Me with my little coil of rope, and Him, strong as ten thousand times ten thousand bulldozers. And I look up in awe while we trek– still thinking this is a dream. The One, the Invincible Soldier. The other, the admiring little boy, still in his pajamas…
And He looks down and smiles.

He doesn’t need me.

But He glories in making the weak, strong.
            –in setting them over their enemies.

And after all, don’t I know where the pillars in that place rest, better than most?


  1. I have no words…only tears.
    I think in my mind I will be canvassing in my pajamas forever after this.

  2. Oh…what love that He would want me to be a part of loosening others chains…but oh the joy of helping to open the door and watching their face as they see light for the first time…what a privilege! But what a responsibility…may I not be ashamed of my scars but hold them out for the chained to see…and bid them to come and see. And then get to work on the destruction of doubting castle!
    Father teach our hands to war…

  3. I have never been more sure of anything, in my life.

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