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I have never heard anyone pray like that… 
He was a stranger to me, a seasoned gentleman of years. But his prayer sent chills up and down my spine. 
And it wasn’t because he chose words of special depth or gravity. A child would have prayed as such. It was the way he said one word: please.
I wish you had been there to hear it, because I hardly know how to make it graphically representative. We were praying together, just he and I and one other in a room full of Doctors all doing the same thing.
But when he asked for the Holy Spirit, he didn’t ask like we normally do.   
He begged as though his heart would break. As though he would die without it… 

I stand not as a judge of the hearts of men, but if I have ever been sure of anything, I am sure of this: If anybody gets the Holy Spirit, he will. 

“If you will find time and voice to pray, God will find time and voice to answer.”


  1. I always love it when you post. Lately, they have been simple yet so profound. 🙂

    This one caught my attention in particular because I've been studying more deeply about prayer.

  2. This reminds me of something I read recently: "The church is full of power, but there is a lack of turning on the power." Why do we ask so little?

  3. It isn't often you hear a prayer like that, one that sends chills up and down your spine… I know what it's like to hear one of those. Words just can't adequately express the experience or how it feels!

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