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Against All Odds…

I have just 4 words–

Faith is the Victory.
And Faith is simply Trust, plus Obedience.


  1. Thank You, Sean. Those four words say more to me than four pages.
    And it fits right in with what I learned this morning: God lights my heart when I trust Him. (Based on a study of Genesis 1:3 & 7BC 759.) Maybe I should change "Trust" into "Faith" because Faith is active trust, right? Wow. Faith is the victory…Faith = Trust + Obedience…God lights my heart when I have faith in Him…and when my heart is lighted up I can't help but let it shine to everyone else!
    I think I'd better go record this in my journal. 🙂 -Emily Rose

  2. Praise God! Thanks Emily Rose…
    "Light"… I love that picture!


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