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Imperative of the Supernatural

The sound of dry leaves underfoot charms me through. (I’m a midwesterner by breeding.)
I shuffle for the joy of the sound; the joy of the smell…

I breathe pure November under naked oak and hickory;
pause to watch the world readying for white…

And I wonder:

When a man of God does, who does the doing?

I have heard more than one new recruit on the field say to his fellow:

“Buck up, man! You’ve got what it takes.”


I’m unconvinced. Especially when I remember that Adam in his spotless strength and beauty drew every drop of nobility he possessed from his connection to his Maker… even though he was fresh from the hands of God (and thus was arguably in the best place to stand alone). His glory, his perfection, his holiness were gifts given not to stand alone, but to put and keep him in connection with the Perfect and Holy… And even as every leaf today draws it’s life force, and every star it’s brilliance from the heartbeat of God, Adam drew his glory from the Infinite.

I other words, the crown of God’s crowning creation (read: humanity) was the connection with Heaven.
What can be compared?

But disconnect… Now there’s a real problem.

[I bend down, aim my iPhone a few inches above grade.]

Disconnect perfect angels, and you get demons.
Disconnect perfect and glorious humanity, and… Well, look around you.

And if Adam needed so badly to be connected to his God… then what are we thinking when we blaze off on our own? Or when we foolishly unfit ourselves for the inhabitance of the Holy Spirit… (emphasis on the word Holy.)

Every man of God, ever woman of God, is nothing.
The image of God, yes… But every shadow disappears when the object is removed.
Without the Supernatural indwelling, we are lifeless, empty shells.

Or worse.

Yea, much worse… the indwelling of the other supernatural.

You’re just a shell, my friend. Just a shell…

Ah, but what glory, when filled with Heaven itself!?
What an honor, to be God’s shadow.

Then let everything else be cast out, that we might not restrict the inflow of the Spirit.
Darkness and Light cannot both be.

Let the Light so shine…


  1. umm….just a shell…to be emptied of all…isn't that what our master did? "Emptied himself of all but love"… I always think of an old fashioned lantern. The tin kind…with the many punched holes. By itself it's nothing special, but put a light inside and it begins to pour forth in golden rays. Praise the Lord that He delights to fill the empty shells!
    Thanks for sharing Sean…what a note to begin the day on!

  2. I also think of Jesus mission here on Earth. Could it be that he became just like us? He emptied himself completely of his ability to stand alone as God, took upon himself what you described Adam to to be (before or after the fall is irrelevant, completely dependent on the Father on either side of the coin). He showed us how to maintain a connection in every circumstance without fail. Praise God, He was an example that we CAN follow!

  3. "…from the hearbeat of God…God's shadow…" What beautiful statements. Like you said, what an honor…

  4. That is a beautiful analogy Abigail!
    Wow, I really enjoyed that one, Sean. Those are some thoughts to think about. And walking in the woods in the fall time struck a familiar chord in my heart, since one of my favorite things to do nearly every day is shuffle through the high volume of fallen leaves in the Missouri forest behind our house as I talk with God.
    Thanks for posting this!

  5. Thank you. The message moved me profoundly. I have been coming to similar conclusions. Now to have it lived out in our lives, by God's grace.

  6. "Just a shell…"

    The knowledge that changes – "…we have so tame a love for God…. When self is emptied from the heart, the vacuum will be supplied with the fullness of Christ." – Letter 45, Nov. 15, 1897

    To be empty!

  7. Ah yes… Thank you all. Excellent thoughts.
    Oh give us, Lord, the fullness of Christ…"

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