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Words of the King’s Daughters

I awaken this morning on a Tennissee farm with a little question on my mind.

Perhaps you have picked up by now that I am passionate about the Gospel…

But I wonder if you know why.

It is really quite simple.

I love life.
I love life…

When a man loves, hard work isn’t heroism.
It’s joy.

Duty is joy.

Today I read a trilogy that made my Gospel-loving soul stand tall.

Written by three of the King’s daughters, who as far as I know, don’t know each other at all.

Not just the what of war, but also the why

I’d tell you the secret, but their words are better than mine.

Go read the words. Eat the words. Live the words…

“The love of Christ constraineth us…”

Emily.    Esther.    Moriah.


  1. Amazing thoughts… Hey, but what's the link to Moriah's blog? It just goes to Blogger…

  2. Hey when will you guys be home? Hope all is well in NM.

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