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Just a Pebble…

Some day when every wrong is made right, I will understand the true weight of today. For now, let’s just say it was one of the best days of my entire life…

I step out, zipped and buttoned. Black wool and cashmere reach earthward almost to my knees. The very air is alive with vigor, somewhat like my insides… I go to meet my God in a beautiful field, on a beautiful farm, this beautiful morning of mornings.

I sit on sandstone at the spot where two friends of mine became one months ago, and read…
And my journal, this spiral bound book with my handwriting in it, this book that records the secrets of my broken-hearted moments, this book my Nana gave me, it opens my eyes to the goodness of my God.

Every moment I have lived, every mercy I have tasted, every tear I have shed, every battle I have fought, every dream turned to ashes, was for today.


Without them, the new dreams springing up would have nothing to root in; to feed on. Because of them, I love my God more than I love anything else in this great wide world. And I love all that is (are!) His…

Hours pass and I wander around the pond; ponder why my heart is here today anyway

It was just a pebble.

Just a friend who doesn’t even know it happened. But just because they love Jesus, because they love what is high and holy and pure, and just because I was blessed to catch a glimpse of it when I was momentarily unsure of what to do with my sword, just because of that; them…..

Some day when every wrong is made right, I will understand the true weight of today.

Mean time, I will never again underestimate the power of influence…
Even if it does seem like just a pebble

“Throw a pebble into a lake, and a wave is formed, and another…
until they reach the very shore. So with our influence. 
Beyond our knowledge or control it tells upon others 
in blessing or in cursing…
If by our example, we aid others in the development of 
good principles, we give them power to do good. In their turn 
they exert the same influence upon others, 
and they upon still others. 
Thus by our unconscious influence many may be blessed.”
Signs of the Times, Oct 21, 1903


  1. "…until they reach the very shore. …Beyond our knowledge or control…"
    I long for the day we'll reach that certain Shore, and see for the first time, what is right now "beyond our knowledge and control"…
    May God *help* us, to be that pebble, that always sinks to the bottom…
    Thank you Sean, for this reminder. I wont look at this quote in the same way ever again.

  2. Wow. Amazing thought that all of those past moments, tears, battles, and dreams were for today. That's powerful. And it makes the struggles seem just a little easier, the joy to come just a little nearer, and the victory in battle just a little closer, because someday it won't be today; it will be eternity. And it will be so worth it.
    Thank you for sharing…and thank you for using your influence to God's glory. You're an inspiration to a young soldier.

  3. I needed this. Thank-you, Sean.

  4. That quote has been my motto for over a year now… It holds a special place in my collection of favorites. Thanks for the reminder that, no matter how insignificant it may seem, my influence can and will touch lives. Only after entering those pearly gates will I discover the ramifications of what I deemed, "just a pebble…" Oh may I never forget to abide!

  5. Sean… I don't know how to say it, but this post sounds like it's an answer to my prayers. At least in part. Praising Him…

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