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I have this little theory: 

Remembrance is the better part of Thanksgiving.

It’s far too easy to say “thank you” for the blessings in front of our eyes, 
while forgetting the sacrifices that purchased them for us. 

I’m pretty sure when the pilgrim fathers sat down to that first feast, 
their thankfulness for the provision was sharpened by their
memories of starvation.

(as indeed, they ate within sight of the graves of more than half of their original number)

It would be well for us to remember…

…remember smiles as well as tears. 

And be thankful for them both.


  1. I have been enlightened by your little theory. Thanks for sharing! All your posts have a way of making me think REAL deep. 🙂

    By the way, I like your new header.

  2. Thank you for the reminder, Sean. Seems like we so often forget to remember. . . the things that really matter. 🙂

    May the Lord help us to remember that trials will only help us appreciate more the blessings.

  3. Loved the thought behind this! So true! Thanks for the profound reminder that it's about more than just the blessings of the moment. 🙂

  4. Ahh, I was moved by the thought too… And glad to pass it on. 🙂

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