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The Anointed


I love that word.
David says they’re the strong ones, and the free… (Ps. 28:7, 8)
The kings and queens, and priests… Royal. Privileged.

I personally can’t get over the fact that they’ve been touched, prayed over, blessed by God Himself.

The rabbit trail I took through Strong’s landed me in a familiar place, quite possibly the single most memorized chapter in scripture.

But familiar words took on unfamiliar meaning as I saw in them the God that is everything, increasingly (the everything that has no end) to me.

I know the words in english. But if Strong’s is correct, (my soul believes it is) then those words are deeper than our contemporary use of them, by far.

I read them, speak them, love them. Eyes flit back and forth between the open page, and the Strong’s app. And my heart sings something like this–

The LORD is my Shepherd;
And He? He is absolutely everything I need.
His home is my home. 
He leads me (literally: “to run with a sparkle”) towards peaceful waters.
He returns my soul to joy…
He walks right with me in the path of righteousness, 
because that’s the kind of Person He is
And even when I walk through this deep abyss–
This deep gorge where death lives and reigns,
I fear nothing. Absolutely nothing.
 Because God is here too. And He never leaves.
Because of Him, because of His comfort and support,
I thrive even in the presence of my enemies.
He anoints my head with oil,
while my joy overflows

But not for a throne. Not in this verse.
This one is a relatively rare word, used 12 times, and only translated this way once.
Go look it up.
The reference is to ashes… Ashes, and fat. And “acceptance”…

He prepares me for sacrifice,
And all the while, my joy overflows.

Surely… Surely, this is the best life. 


  1. So, love, pain, and joy come in a package…hmmm…I think I'm beginning to understand. And the joy must come from knowing that all He takes away will only be replaced with better…

  2. WOW….I'm so gonna go study this now. ^_^ That's so fascinating, about "anointed"…definitely gotta go see this for myself. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Is it not? (the best life)

  4. I cannot help but think of Jesus "the anointed" in Acts 4. It seems he was anointed for the same reason. Sacrifice. And now he does sit on a throne. But that throne was gained by sacrifice. And if we follow his example, our reward will be the same. See Revelation 20:4.

    Too wonderful. The joy in sacrifice exceeds all joy on earth . . . and to think there is more to come . . .

    I'll be pondering this one for a long time. Thanks for sharing, Sean.

  5. Amazing! I like that "He leads me, to run with a sparkle towards peaceful waters." what a Shephard. What a Savior! What a Friend!

  6. Thanks for sharing this thought. I've got to go study it, too. Maybe, I'll share it with the students for my next worship talk. 🙂

  7. like he took Adams rib and gave him Eve.

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