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Waiting for Me

Allow me to pull you into my throbbing heart for a second, won’t you please??
Then don’t leave. We need to stick together; work together.

Photo, Joshua. Post processing, me.

Suddenly at the edge of the clearing my feet shuffle to a stop, eyes find the ground. A strange lump grows in my throat.
I’m struck with the sense that in this moment, God is here. And this, is holy ground.
I step, but oh so carefully, eyes still down. And just to the edge of Ascension Rock.
When I lift them, all burning and moist, all is quiet. All but my throbbing heart, crying out. Soft, I speak to the God so close, I can feel Him.

“My God, what have we done?

Why are we still here?”

My question trails into the breeze. But only for one moment.

Then, His voice. Silent as it is, I have never heard one kinder.

“Why,… I was just waiting for you.”



  1. Oh Sean…my tongue has no words left…I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing…it was exactly what I needed at this moment. My heart is with you and by God's grace it won't leave.

  2. I also thank you for sharing, Sean… that was really encouraging Brother. My heart is with you also.

  3. To think God would miss us individually if any of us were lossed that hr created us so we can dwell in his presence eternally its an awesome thought an….awesome love!

  4. what a thought to ponder…

  5. That is so beautiful. I needed that. Thanks Sean. He tarries that we may be with Him. He wills that none should perish…

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I feel the same way. May we truly come together, stay together, and become that army to finish the work.

  7. "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life…" Oh, burn fire, burn… purge away any ties to this sin-filled world. May I not cause You to wait any longer…

  8. Mmmmmm! Wow. Thanks for sharing, Sean. 'Twas just exactly what I needed to read.

  9. Thank you Sean for sharing that! Really touched my heart tonight… I needed that!

  10. Thanks, Sean. "Why,…I was just waiting for you." What love and so personal. He could have just said to you, "Why,…I'm waiting for My people." I often think the reason for His waiting is because His people are still not ready. It is true, but, wow…when I read this post and God's answer to you, the thought struck me that instead of thinking a lot about His people delaying His coming, I need to be searching My heart more and MORE earnest than ever before that I am not delaying His return.

  11. Amen…
    Thank you for these words, Sean. They have truly blessed.
    He is so longsuffering…so abundant in goodness…

  12. Right. And I took it both ways… Waiting on me, and waiting for me…

  13. Thank you for sharing these inspiring, encouraging words. My heart is with you also.

  14. Spent many meaningful occasions on Ascension Rock. We lived but 10 minutes from there once. Thanks for sharing. He is closer than the mention of His name!

    Miss you all~

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